From Left to right: Steve Thomma, Doug Mills, Jonathan Karl, Alicia Jennings, George Lehner, Margaret Talev, Olivier Knox, Julie Pace, Zeke Miller, Todd Gillman and Jon Decker.

WHCA Officers and Board


A nine-member executive board, elected by correspondents, represents the membership on issues relating to access to the commander-in-chief, coverage, work space, logistics, and costs for press travel to accompany a president on the road.

Three board members are elected each year for staggered three year terms.  One member of the board is elected to represent each of the following categories: Newspapers, Periodicals/New Media, Wire Services, Radio, TV, and Photographers. Three other members are elected at large.

The association is led by a President, who is the chief executive officer. Other officers are Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.

Since 1914, the White House Correspondents’ Association has operated independently of the White House and the White House credentialing process.